Collecting advertising merchandise is a serious hobby these days. Our selections include grocery store, sporting and business items and covers tins, paperweights, ashtrays, tokens, glassware, cast iron, and so much more. These pieces are nestled throughout our store and are so interesting to talk about.

Showing are some local dairy bottles…always of great interest to collectors!


We have lots of interesting books to browse. Our customers look for books of all different types: reference, poetry, war related, vintage fiction from all eras (Hardy Boys are still sought after), informational and so much more. 

Reference books are still valuable and sell at very reasonable prices these days. They help to identify items that are sometimes hard to find on the internet. We have quite a few for sale right now….


The Victorian Era was noted for its uses of celluloid material.Celluloids are a class of compounds created from nitrocellulose and campho. Celluloid is easily molded and shaped, and it was first widely used as an ivory replacement.

The glove box shown here is in amazing condition considering its age. All original with pansy motif on the top. 


Many styles frequent our store including Hall, Lefton, Homer Laughlin, Flow Blue, Nippon, Limoges, Blue Willow and more. Add to your heirloom collections or treasure one of a kind pieces to enhance your decorating.

Shown here is a small display of what you will find in our store…

Civil War Artifacts

We generally have some of these items in our store. They don’t last too long, however, as lots of people search for them.

Rabbit River Trading Co. personally hunts for each and every morsel displayed in the cases shown here except for the flags which are acquired for effects. Very popular items for gifts and collectors.

Display Pieces

Our dealers will occasionally have display merchandise that they wish to sell. The nice wall cabinet shown here recently sold and will be cherished by new owners. But we have other styles quite often. Be sure to come check them out….



The art of collecting books and paper is growing every year. Our store is chock full of novels, fiction, historical and other subjects to cover many areas interest. 

One of our dealers specializes in ephemera. He is very knowledgeable and likes to appraise items for people quite a bit. We value his input greatly and he flaunts some of his nice items in his booth in our store.  He has lots of wonderful postcards, many of them are black & white, real photo. 

Pictured here is a rare advertising piece: Hi-Speed Gasoline advertising mask, ca 1930’s. 


Cole’s Antiques Villa has been well known for its selections of vintage furniture: Mission, Victorian, country/primitive, wicker and woods of oak, walnut, maple and pine. Trunks, tables, chairs, cupboards, dressers, counters, accent pieces and more await your visit.

Our store is often so packed full of furniture, it’s hard to get good pictures. Stop by often to see the selections we have in stock: small tables, bookcases, cupboards-large and small, dressers and more.

Shown here is a large jelly cupboard hailing from Pennsylvania. It still has its original finish and paint. Clean and ready to use in your home. It’s a great country primitive piece. 

We generally have quite a bit of country furniture but also have lovely oak and walnut pieces too. From large cupboards to small, useful tables….you will find so much here.



Always a very popular area for collectors is the garden scene. Customers continually look for garden tools, planters, planter tables and benches, fencing, old window frames (for vines) and so many more items.

This cast iron garden screen is original and has beautiful patina. 


Our selections of sparkling glassware range from Victorian to the 1960’s. It is common to see etched stemware, depression patterns, opalescence, Fenton, Ruby, Vaseline and more. The values are starting to return to vintage glassware these days. Let us know if we can help evaluate pieces you have….

Shown here are popular pieces that have recently come into our store.


We possibly have the most extensive graniteware assortment available in west Michigan and try to get different pieces in often. We have many colors, patterns, and styles in near perfect condition. Displayed with each season in mind, you will be enchanted as you browse these areas. If you have a special variety you like to look at, let us know. We’ll make arrangements to get more in for you to look at….

There is a 25% sale running on all of our granite ware currently. Come check it out soon!



Our store generally abounds with seasonal merchandise. Vintage items from many holidays are treasured by todays collectors and can be found displayed throughout our mall.

We try to carry most holiday related items all year long. We never know when collectors will come in. Although we’d love to have you stop in to browse, we’re happy to check around for you if you’d like to give us a call.

Shown here is a real nice vintage Christmas tree stand. The original green paint is amazing and the cast iron has a great patina.


Our store is rich with fine and costume jewelry, priced to please the buyer and dealers alike. We sometimes have Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pearls, yellow and white gold, marcasite and always our colorful, quality costume jewelry catches everyone’s eye. Shown here is a small sampling of some of our costume jewelry. 

We generally have a nice selection of pocket watches as well…


We generally have a suitable selection of oil or electric lighting for tables, floor or ceiling.

Pictured here are two vintage hanging lamps. The 5 light toward the back is quaint, all original and should be easy to hang. It does wire direct as well. 

The Cranberry hobnail shaded hanging lamp has the original ruby font. It has been converted to electric. 


Crisp, freshly pressed linens are plentiful. Tablecloths, aprons, hankies, doilies, and dresser scarves with colorful trims, laces, tatting, and embroidery are to mention a few. We also make scraps and pieces available for the craft and sewing enthusiasts. Nothing goes to waste.

This is just one section in our store that has plentiful linens. This dealer has an apron display that has something for every occasion.

local memorabilia

Local Memorabilia is real important to us.  Many of our customers are looking for items that represent the local history of the towns in our area. Although we like to carry items from a 50 mile radius, we often have things that reach out farther than that. Stop by…..let us know what you’re looking for.

Shown here are etched ruby, cranberry and custard glass pieces. Some are Ludington souvenirs from as far back as the turn of the century. Vintage advertising calendars are available too. You’ll be amazed at the quality. 


We generally have selections of military in our store. Uniforms, buttons, patches, helmets and booklets will capture your interest to start out. Is there something special you are looking for? Just let us know.

Pictured here is a Spanish American War hat. We also have two, large artillery shells and more….


Many items in our store relate to the music industry: sheet music, instruments, records, etc. Sometimes we get in children’s vintage musical instruments. 

Here is a Columbia Graphaphone. Rare brass horn and includes 10 records with it. Plays well, great condition.


Nautical items are always interesting and we try to keep some in stock most of the time.

Pictured are a Schooner compass in original wood box and a life boat compass.


Our walls are full of framed pictures of all shapes and sizes. Some frames are lovely.

This is a reversed painting of a castle that is in remarkable condition. Our walls are peppered with pictures, photos, art, pyro and more. You need to come take a look….


Our knowledgeable dealers have brought an abundance of pottery to our store. Blue and White, Roseville, Hull, Weller, Yellow ware, Stoneware, UHL and more.

Pictured is just one small shelf of nice pieces. Lots more to look at!

Sporting Goods

The advid sports fan will be thrilled with our selection of hunting and fishing memorabilia, including creels, fish poles, lures, & bobbers, duck decoys & calls, licenses, advertising and more. We also carry vintage golf, baseball, and track items.You will see photos here of sporting goods brought in by R & C Antiques. Their booth often has fishing lures, boat motors, sports cards and other sports equipment.

Nestled near the center of this photo are a pair of boat oars. We can’t keep them in stock! Stop by, browse and have fun. Let us know if we can help you look for something special.


The ‘joy of youth’ comes out in us all as we gaze at the toys of yesteryear. Our enjoyable selection supports the fun in playing older games to decorating with items as far back as the turn of the century.

Shown is a Hubley Airacuda XFM Bell U.S. Army Bomber, 1939. Rare! Also, ‘new in packaging’, are toy pistols by Nichols.